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What was Nintendo's Software Development Environment for NES Games?
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This website might help. A guy (Chris Covell) picked up a children's picture book in Japan which shows kids how NES games were made. (Mostly focussing on Super Mario Bros. 3) Chris actually scanned ...

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No sound on SheepShaver for Windows 10
4 votes

You need to delete the Apple Audio Extension. Open your Mac OS 9 HD. Go to System Folder Go to Extensions Move Apple Audio Extension into Trash and empty your trash. Restart SheepShaver Open Sound ...

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SheepShaverGUI.exe on Windows Error
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Uninstall GTK +2 if you already have it. Go to Emaculation and download the GTK +2 Runtime from there. Set it up and SheepShaverGui.exe should work. If not, restart your computer.

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