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just me. I am a freelance programmer. I life in Germany - Thuringa - Behringen I have learn programming by my self. First, BASIC on i386-PC (MS-DOS qBasic) Then, I learned C/C++, little bit of my first x86 i386 assembler codes - just for fun, none else. little assembler programs like screen switching (pixel games,...) Windows 3.1 / 3.11 User Network assembly skill for BNC, LAN. InHouse - or Outdoor Wifi. dBase 4/5/7 (database programming skills) Windows 95,98,XP,...Windows 10 H0H20 64-Bit Professional Turbo-Pascal 6-7, Turbo-C, Turbo-Asm Delphi 4-7, C++Builder 4-6 Lazarus (Delphi for free, for Linux platform) Windows Networks (little Client/Server Application programming skills) Linux Installation, Setup, Support skills MySQL skills Apache WebServer Installation + Setup skills Squid, ... HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, Java, Flash skills GNU GCC C/C++ 4-8 (-stdc++=11/14) LaTeX (with help of template/protocol) Gimp 3.1 kernel compile skills Makefile builder LISP ground skills Compiler-Compiler tools GUI-Framework Qt/Win32 coffee drunk junky - no smoker - without sugar - with milk fluent English writer (disadvantages in spoken/hear in reality) fluent German writer (not the expert)

now, i life, and work for my government in a christian church building/community work time: 9am - 2pm as cock for few peoples (each day, each fresh food) time spending after this: reading computer mails, books, articles, programming, sleep a while, then again programming, ... listen music. this hipe goes till 11pm.

at the morning, wash room tasks (shower), buy food for me, and the people here. sometimes go into the city, and get clothes, shoes, medicine, etc. ... then coming home at 6pm. rest in on my sofa, and thinking over things around the world. Eat chines food (Nuddles) ...

I don't watch TV anymore - to many trash - that don't point to me - maybe other - not me I don't spent much time with commercial music listen from the radio I have worked as Office Clark - I learned it, with a certificate (ending successful the learning task with exam).

I have finish my Highschool with grade 10 - successful.

Leaving the women clinic in Eisenach as I was born there. In Eisenach, you know, Martin Luther translated the Latin Bible to German for the German folk. He lived on the Wartburg - an old castle.

My father was a brick layer, so I don't had the change to go to university to study. My grandpa died as my father was ten. He came as prisoner worker from Czech. He was a worker for the German Nazzies on building the highway through the city. After the second world war, he married my grandma.

My Grandma worked as post(men)girl.

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