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The start of x86: Intel 8080 vs Intel 8086?

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Did any compiler fully use Intel x87 80-bit floating point?

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How can a 32-bit x86 CPU start with reset vector 0xFFFFFFF0 even though it starts in 16-bit real mode?

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Was there a 'git' in the 1990s?

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Did any x86 CPU optionally trap unaligned access?

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Why are first four x86 General Purpose Registers named in such unintuitive order?

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Have programming languages driven hardware development?

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What 8086 instructions accept REP?

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Help porting nasm code down from 386 to 8088 (shifts by more than 1 bit)

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How does the BIOS distinguish Interrupt(08h-12h) from INT instructions, vs. actual exceptions inside the CPU?

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What's the relationship between early 90s Pentium microprocessor and today's Intel designs?

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Why did 1990s-2000s LCD all use 60 Hz refresh?

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Are MS-DOS and Windows 9x vulnerable to Meltdown?

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Are there any good, non-abandoned PC emulators?

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Why was video, audio and picture compression the poorest when storage space was the costliest?

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Will PC-DOS run faster on 4 or 8 core modern machines?

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Power of university computer in the '70s?

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How do I best simulate a 80386?

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Why does cat with no argument read from standard input?