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46 votes

Which tools were used to create the C language?

28 votes

What exactly were those large orange chips on the Hayes Micromodem II interface card?

21 votes

Is it possible to raise the frequency of command input to the processor in this way?

19 votes

What is the most rudimentary input method a platform has ever been programmed in?

18 votes

Zip drive eject "tool"

16 votes

How to use rounding with 6809 multiplication

14 votes

Raytheon 704 mini uses?

11 votes

Can the wrong sync frequency really destroy a CRT monitor?

8 votes

What is this "switch register - display" and what was it used for?

8 votes

Do instruction exercisers exist for 8086 and 68K (and other) CPUs?

7 votes

Developing an application in the era of cassette tapes (audio-tapes)

5 votes

How did early x86 BIOS programmers manage to program full blown TUIs given very few bytes of ROM/EPROM?

5 votes

Microware OS-9 assembler warning with no message

4 votes

Static memory partitioning

3 votes

Uses for the halt instruction?

3 votes

What actions, besides a hard power-off, did a blank screen with a blinking cursor allow?

3 votes

Did any 8-bit computer system / OS have concepts for concurrency and multitasking like we know from today?

2 votes

Did computers come with circuit diagrams?

1 vote

Did any computers use automatically-operated mechanical storage as electronically-read-addressable memory

-1 votes

Why do keyboards with a NumPad repeat the numbers?