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32 votes

C64 BASIC: How to suppress the '?' sign when using the INPUT command?

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Why does the 6502 have the BIT instruction?

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How can I implement the modulus operator in Commodore 64 Basic?

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When does the VIC-II read the sprite data?

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Under what circumstances would RAM locations 0 and 1 be written and/or read on the C64?

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Is DOS being shipped with or as an installed OS?

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What was computer "Fuzzy" logic?

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Sprites not rendering correctly before $2000

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6510 I/O port initialisation

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Graphics chips in 1980

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Obscure uses of the Commodore 8050/1541 disk drive

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How were files transferred between different systems in the late 1980s?

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How was C ported to architectures that had no hardware stack?

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Why does Sinclair BASIC have two formats for storing numbers in the same structure?

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Why do the i8080 I/O instructions take a byte-sized operand to determine the port?

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Was self-modifying code possible using BASIC?

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What happened to the Apple Device SBC that was supposed to compete with the linux SBCs?

1 vote

Reading data over serial from an old punched tape reader