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How were Western computer chips reverse-engineered in USSR?

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What should we do with manuals from the 80s?

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What software used Turbo Vision back in its prime time?

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Which is the minimum set of interrupts/functions I should implement in a replacement BIOS for a home made IBM PC class computer?

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History of ARM Linux and FPA

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Looking for an "Inspector" or "Detective" game (BASIC?)

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What's the relationship betweeen MS-DOS and XENIX?

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Has a retargetable disassembler been used successfully for a word-oriented mainframe architecture?

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Where to upload the odd and rare emulators and related to them ROMs & software?

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What 486 motherboard is this, with American Megatrends BIOS identifying is DPAQ-6156-043090-KF?

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Did the Intel 8086/8088 not guarantee the value of SS:SP immediately after RESET?

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How to use IBM SaveDskF floppy format on modern machine

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Why did MS-DOS choose the percent symbol to designate variables?

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Looking for NEC RA87 “Relocatable Assembler Package”