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What is the "two-drive trick" that can read Amiga disks on a PC?
22 votes

You can actually read about 98% of an Amiga disk with a PC controller and just one drive, but at risk of destroying 2% of the data. The two-drive solution overcomes these limitations. Credit for the ...

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Extended ROMs on the Amiga CD32 and CDTV
6 votes

Apart from other version-related changes, there is a notable functional difference between the CDTV extended ROM and the A570 extended ROM: for some reason, perhaps related to the fact that the A570 ...

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Can't type angle bracket characters in AmigaOS 4.1 on WinUAE
Accepted answer
4 votes

To send the keyboard data, Amiga Forever uses the keyboard layout set in the title (right-click, Edit, select the Input tab). Under "Classic" systems like 3.x, this is also autodetected at runtime, ...

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