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113 votes

What was the point of separating stdout and stderr?

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Did many programs really store years as two characters (Y2K bug)?

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How to get started writing C for the IBM PC in 1980-81

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What was the first C compiler for the IBM PC?

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Was any indentation-sensitive language ever used with a teletype or punch cards?

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How were files transferred between different systems in the late 1980s?

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Did COBOL have an English-like "or" operator?

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Did terminals (e.g. VT100) require a terminal driver on the host computer?

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Have programming languages driven hardware development?

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Dealing with oversized files decades ago? Data transfer in the age of floppy disks

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How much did a serial terminal cost?

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What were the real competitors to the early IBM PC?

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Row locking on RM/COBOL-85

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How can you reset the behavior of ONERR in AppleSoft BASIC?

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Connecting multiple computers through dialup