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What key factor led to the sudden commercial success of MS Windows with v3.0?
10 votes

TL;DR: The success of Microsoft Office, proprietary data formats and the ensuing marketing strategies thereof, undercutting the competition, collusion cooperation with OEMs to lease MS software ...

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Why weren't discrete x86 CPUs ever used in game hardware?
9 votes

The original Xbox was an ~$800 computer sold at a loss, with embedded hardware making it impossible to use it as such. To my knowledge, Microsoft was the first company to take that gamble: that it ...

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Why did trackballs disappear?
7 votes

Gaming I can't play FPS or flight simulators with a trackball because I cannot intuitively self-center them. The only games they're good for are bowling and Missile Command - because those are played ...

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Why were optical drives not used as secondary storage instead of magnetic drives?
-1 votes

I haven't had a HD head crash since 1995. In 1998, a CD-ROM drive was $55. Two years prior it was still over $100, only coming down when manufacturers were "forced to compete on price instead of ...

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Why was it not possible to cost-reduce the Amiga 500?
-3 votes

Commodore obtained an infusion of cash from Gould, which Tramiel used beginning in 1976 to purchase several second-source chip suppliers, including MOS Technology, Inc., in order to assure his supply.[...

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