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101 votes

What key factor led to the sudden commercial success of MS Windows with v3.0?

83 votes

Were there 8086 coprocessors other than the 8087?

76 votes

What did the 'turbo' button actually do?

44 votes

What conventions and language extensions did people use to program the 8086 and 80286?

35 votes

Last computer not to use octets / 8-bit bytes

19 votes

Why did "protected-mode MS-DOS" never happen?

18 votes

Does "Disk Operating System" imply that there was a "non-disk" Operating System?

17 votes

Were there VLB cards other than video cards and SuperIO controllers?

16 votes

Any ways to have an architecture with a different base than base16?

12 votes

Was there a clearly identifiable "first computer" to use or demonstrate the use of virtual memory?

6 votes

When did hardware antialiasing start being available?

5 votes

Compaq Portable vs IBM 5155 Portable PC

5 votes

Was there a retro computer susceptible of being damaged only by issuing instructions at it?

4 votes

What is most appropriate choice for DOS for a 1990 80386 PC?

4 votes

Did the PC/AT-bus use its expanded address space?

4 votes

Which computers had redefinable character sets?

2 votes

Early programmable calculators with RS-232

1 vote

How were files transferred between different systems in the late 1980s?