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Why did the MS-DOS API choose software interrupts for its interface?
10 votes

The interrupt system really is just a fancy jump table... Already has allocated space that can't be used for anything else. Adding a regular jump table would have been a waste of memory at that time....

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Formatting a 720K floppy disk over USB fails with Windows 10
8 votes

I found that more recent versions of Windows no longer support the /F: parameter. However, (with internal floppy drives at least) I've been able to format 720K with /T:80 /N:9 for 80 tracks and 9 ...

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64GB compact flash not booting up in DOS
5 votes

I've run into that issue before. Try a smaller card. Some systems do not like to boot off of cards greater than 16 GB. Some 32 GB...

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Was Objective-C really a hindrance to Apple software development?
5 votes

Seems like a very opinion oriented question, but as someone that's programmed in a lot of different environments (including Objective-C)... IMO, Objective-C could indeed qualify as a nightmare when ...

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An old DOS application that allowed to create cards, posters, invitations, etc
3 votes

Could be any of several. PrintMaster fits the bill. I think later versions of PrintShop had mouse support. PFS First Publisher had templates that may have included those style.

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For fast scrolling DOS games, when was Mode13h preferred over Mode X?
1 votes

It really depends on what/how you are updating. Yes, planar modes had some simple "coprocessing" advantages for copies/bulk sets. Plus the scrolling regions. However, simple sets incur extra setup ...

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