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20 votes

Why are symmetric bi-directional communication port cables not always crossover cables?

3 votes

Is this Votan voice assistant from 1984 a real system?

12 votes

Can powering on/off a 1541 damage a disk left inside?

31 votes

Why is EEPROM called ROM if it can be written to?

0 votes

Are the control characters any useful nowadays?

1 vote

How did graphics processing for old 8/16bit consoles work & what are the differences between an FPU/maths co processor & a graphics card?

13 votes

How much data could be stored on a single punched card?

6 votes

What did the "programs" that "human computers" executed look like?

19 votes

How did the /dev file system work in early Unix?

3 votes

What were the Major Public Access Unix Systems Available in the 1980s-90s?

4 votes

How binaries are generated using Punched cards?

7 votes

What is a "stunt box"?

3 votes

When and why did "Public Domain" software releases give way to "Open Source"?

0 votes

Connecting multiple computers through dialup

11 votes

Why were floppy disks invented after hard disks?

1 vote

640x480 color display in 1980

1 vote

What caused the downfall of Pascal?

3 votes

Were people building CPUs out of TTL logic prior to the 4004, 8080 and the 6800?