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28 votes

I cleaned the grease off an old floppy drive’s motor; do I need to lubricate it?

22 votes

Was self-modifying code possible using BASIC?

20 votes

Was any indentation-sensitive language ever used with a teletype or punch cards?

15 votes

Efficient way to JMP or JSR to an address stored somewhere else?

8 votes

Windows War Strategy Game

7 votes

Obtaining a CPU execution trace on a Commodore 64

6 votes

Do the MOS 6510 and 8502 microprocessors use microcode?

5 votes

Assembly delay function for C64

4 votes

How does one customize the 3270 terminal login screen in VM/370?

3 votes

Identify a vertical arcade shooter from the very early 1980s

3 votes

8-bit home computers without BASIC

3 votes

IBM RS/6000 Token Ring ISA card fails configuration

2 votes

How does the 8086 jump instruction work when the target address overflows?

1 vote

Source code for Logo in Z80 assembly

1 vote

What game is this music from? (probably a Shoot 'em up)

0 votes

Looking for a 90's sorcery game on Atari ST