Technical skills?

I am an expert in the field of deep learning, artificial intelligence & computer vision, big data, cross-platform mobile development, game development and native virtual reality/augmented reality apps on mobile and desktop.

I've shipped next-generation household name B2B and B2C products and lead large multi-project, multi-disciplinary in-house and offshore development teams.

Business skills?

A C-level technology startup executive. I've created more than a billion dollars in lifetime product value and helped raise more than $60 million in seed & VC.

An entrepreneurial, bonafide start-up quarterback and coach. I’ve co-founded 6 businesses (sold 4) and been engineer #1/CTO at 6 more giving me a broad range of experience.

Presentation skills?

I have taught dozens of week long, advanced corporate training classes on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone development. I've taught engineers at Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, PayPal, Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm, Cisco, eBay and other tech titans. I know my stuff.


I'm a published writer and public speaker with awards and recognition in my industry and by the state of California along with extensive and verifiable contributions to dozens of multi-million dollar projects.

Building a technology product or service?

You need an architect of the technology vision that delivers a great experience to demanding users. I develop highly scalable experiences and am a "full-stack" engineer working from the top level of the cloud, right down to the physical hardware of the device in the user's hand.

I like analytics and data...

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