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81 votes

Were later MS-DOS versions still implemented in x86 assembly?

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Does DOS run Crysis?

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Did VMS ever acquire filesystem cross-links?

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What did corporations use for long-distance networks in the 1980s?

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Is DOS being shipped with or as an installed OS?

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How did 16-bit MS-DOS programs use a large (> 64KB) stack?

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Can anyone tell me more about flippy games?

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Why does PC video memory base address change depending on video mode?

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How can I emulate MS-DOS on OS X?

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Did 486 SMP systems provide Total Store Ordering?

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Why did some old MS-DOS games lack the ability to exit them?

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Which 8 bit computer could display the most colors?

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How to use all memory on an IBM PC with 8086

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How much memory did the PlayStation development kit have?

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Why did base64 win against uuencode?

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How to redirect stderr in MS-DOS?

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Was there a notable mainstream 640×480 monochrome display for PC earlier than MCGA

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Why does NT4 fail on boot if you give it an x64 CPU?

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How can I adapt a digital CGA/C128 signal (RGBI DE-9) to a modern monitor?

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How do you find the EBDA address?

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Were there any PCs using the i376?

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What is the arcade game played in the "The Boys Next Door" movie?

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Why does the Manchester Baby have two jump instructions?

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Was it possible to give an Atari 800 (not XL) 64KB of RAM?

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How to use ISA card in modern PC

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Converting CGA (from Commodore PC40) to RetroTink 5X?

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In what ways was the Windows NT POSIX implementation unsuited to real use?

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Beep command with letters for notes (IBM AT + DOS circa 1984)

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How was the @ sign added to keyboards and character sets?

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Old steam files for Counter-Strike 1 Anthology DVD

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