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Why was BASIC built into so many operating systems?
22 votes

As far as I know it was included because it was essentially the operating system interface. When you installed MS-DOS on a PC it provided you with commands and allowed you to run programs that ...

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How to convert Amiga DMS to ADF?
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17 votes

From some quick research, WinUAE (a popular Amiga emulator) supports reading a DMS file just like an ADF. So you could probably mount it and then save it back as ADF. Also, according to the ADF Opus ...

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Is there way to save the save state?
5 votes

I would say no. I've never heard of anything like that ever. That would require dumping all of the memory of the actual Gameboy and the state of CPU, and then reading that information on startup. ...

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How can you tell if JiffyDOS is installed on a drive without opening it?
5 votes

If you have JiffyDOS installed on the host Commodore, you can read the error channel simply with Read the default device @ Read a specific device number (for example, device #9) @"",9

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