T.J. Crowder

Want to learn JavaScript's latest features? You might like my new book, JavaScript: The New Toys. It covers ES2015 ("ES6") through ES2020, and previews what's next!

See thenewtoys.dev for a full table of contents, a blog, where to buy the book, and ongoing coverage of what's new.

[pronouns: he/him] #BLM

I run Farsight Software, a software consulting firm. Good people, reasonable rates. We currently have availability for small projects, but we have all the large projects we can handle at present.

I'm a software engineer with a particular interest in web technologies (esp. JavaScript). I also do lots of work in C#, and formerly Java, and several other languages. I've been doing this professionally for ~30 years, goofing with computers for 10 years before that, but I hope I'm not this guy.

I used to write up snippets of stuff on my anemic old blog. The new one is here, but I haven't copied all of the old content over yet.