Hey I recall accessing a public-access UNIX system in the UK, likely around 1990/91. I seem to recall it gave you shell access but it might actually have only been Mail or UUCP/usenet client?

I have a feeling the name was something like Spug or Spud Net or something? Can anyone recall its name. I also have a feeling it went through a subtle name change too?

Any info gratefully received.

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Spud's Public Usenet Domain, aka Spuddy, or Spud's Xanadu - formerly run by Stephen Harris. Featuring (and quoted from the page):

  • Spuddy offers the only online full usenet/mail service for free in the UK. A growing system, now running on a Sun Sparc 2, Spuddy represents a high speed fast-expanding system.
  • Why not give it a call?!
  • Thousands of other users to talk to, averaging 400 users a week
  • Over 2 gig of stuff to download or request by post. This includes a complete archive of GNU freeware, mirrored from prep.ai.mit.edu
  • Two `mud' games.
  • FREE access to a full Unix shell. The choices of shell are : sh, csh, bash, ksh, zsh, tcsh, etc.
  • If you don't like Unix - you don't have to touch it! There is a menu system that allows user-friendly access to the world of usenet ! Just request a `menu' shell.
  • Full access to usenet news. This (obviously) includes posting.
  • Your own mailbox for worldwide internet/uucp mail.
  • No limit on downloading - no ratios or silly rules. You may request sources by post for free (providing you provide the media!)
  • No restriction for time spent online.
  • A friendly BBS.

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