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Unexpected UL error / List problems Epson HX-20

I have an Epson HX-20 which has been in storage since I last used it in 2013. To my surprise the program I wrote back then is still stored in RAM, and by LISTing it (and checking it against the ...
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Dealing with old laptop batteries?

So, I inherited this old Epson Equity LT... It's a laptop with internal Ni-Cd batteries. No battery quick disconnect, but apparently they're at least somewhat removable as the manual says that you ...
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10 votes
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What to replace the belt in the cassette drive of an Epson HX-20 with?

I am the owner of an Epson HX-20 laptop computer. It runs well except for the builtin cassette drive which doesn't seem to work reliably. After carefully disassembling it I found that the belt seems ...
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