It's look like very old thing to me:

enter image description here

It's in Black and White display. As you can see, it has a socket on the top of it .

What's the name and model of this computer monitor?

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    Is that really a socket on top? Are you sure it's not a handle? – Greg Hewgill May 28 at 3:43
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    Generally you would find the name and model on the back, there may be an information plate. Can you post some more detailed pictures of different sides? Otherwise, the answer will just be "it's a CRT monitor". – Greg Hewgill May 28 at 3:45
  • Open it up and look inside. There might be a plate with some information somewhere. – dirkt May 28 at 3:48
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    It could be a security monitor if not for the handle to make it portable. – snips-n-snails May 28 at 5:17
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    Definitely looks more like a CCTV monitor than a computer display. – Solomon Slow May 28 at 13:01

Not a specific computer monitor at all, rather a generic B&W CRT screen. Setting looks also more like a CCTV, doesn't it, but I suspect it's from some game, so it's fantasy anyway.

That hole on the top isn't a socket, but a transport grip. Monitors meant to be integrated in some shelving (like usual for CCTV) got them embedded to save on space, allowing a denser package and reduce the need for cover/binds in shelving.

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