I'm using fuse-emulator on Ubuntu. In a book of type-in programs, some are spread across multiple files. There is a "loader" (usually setting up graphics or some machine code parts) which ends with load "". On cassette, this would then load then next program that would normally be the main code for the program.

Is there a way to accommodate this in Fuse? I've tried replacing the empty string with the name of the next file to load but Fuse seems to get stuck and repeats "Program: (original program)".

I save/"compile" the listings to .TAP format using zmakebas utility. As an example

10 PRINT "loader program"
20 LOAD "part2"

saved as "part1.bas", converted to .TAP with zmakebas -a 10 -n "part1" -o "part1.tap" part1.bas


10 PRINT "main program"
20 PRINT "finished"

saved as "part2.bas" and converted with zmakebas -a 10 -n "part2" -o "part2.tap" part2.bas

but I can't seem to get the second file to load.

  • If you're using the zmakebas that's in the Ubuntu repo, it has an unpleasant bug that incorrectly translates user functions. The code looks perfect, but won't run
    – scruss
    Dec 20, 2020 at 4:02

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In order for the program to load in one go without having to open a new file for each section, you'll need to combine them into a single .tap file. Happily, the .tap format is designed to make this easy - concatenating two files together results in a valid file. So, after creating part1.tap and part2.tap with zmakebas as above, you can combine them with:

cat part1.tap part2.tap > final.tap
  • 1
    A nice and straightforward solution, have tested after finishing the type-in program and it works as expected.
    – Brian
    Dec 20, 2020 at 10:46

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