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Questions tagged [component-failure]

Relating to the degradation of components in a retrocomputer.

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Failure modes of old motherboards vs new motherboards [closed]

I have a question regarding the difference in common failure modes between an older motherboard such as the ABIT BP6, and a new motherboard such as what you might find in an Intel NUC. What is a ...
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2 answers

What are typical causes of IC failure in early microcomputers?

When troubleshooting older electronics, the usual culprits tend to be connections and capacitors. The "solid state" components, if they have failed, usually in the role of victim e.g. bad voltage ...
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In what ways is DRAM likely to fail?

A ZX Spectrum is likely to lose the same bit of every memory address if a single DRAM chip fails completely. However, if a DRAM chip partially fails, this could cause... interesting issues, ...
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When or should we expect our 8-bit motherboards to fail due to the capacitors?

I would assume that most people who have been trying to keep these old micros working are well aware of the finite life of components, which is the idea that age will eventually cause things to fail. ...
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