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What is the most performant "32-bit only" x86 CPU? [closed]

I am thinking of building an era appropriate early/mid-2000s gaming PC. One requirement is that the CPU should not support x86-64 instruction set, only the 32-bit instructions can be used. My guess is ...
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What was the rationale behind 32-bit computer architectures?

Though today various power-of-2 word sizes seems to be the norm, back in the 50-60s multiple-of-6 word sizes was more popular and was required by Department of Defense(DOD) in particular. 36-bit ...
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How can I tell whether a DOS-looking exe. requires a 32-bit CPU to run?

Is there some simple method for determining if a DOS (or OS/2, or Windows etc.) binary (.exe or .dll) is 16-bit or 32-bit? The Linux file command just says "executable". I want to ...
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