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Why do some sound cards sound very raspy without -5 V power? [closed]

Some sound cards need -5 V to have clear sound or to work at all; when -5 V isn't present the sound is raspy or not working. Why?
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Converting AC'97 to a standard that can be used by my Soundblaster

I currently enjoy using a Windows 98 PC I built using parts I got either for free or very cheap. One of those parts is a sligthtly modern case - the cheapest one I could find that has a 5.25" and ...
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Does the Sound Blaster Live! Value had hardware support for Adlib/OPL3?

As I m buying a computer without an onboard sound card, I m thinking about using my old Creative Sound card from 21 years ago and buying a pcie riser adapter instead of a modern sound card (I m ...
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How did Sony, Panasonic and Mitsumi CD-ROM drives differ from the later ATAPI standard?

In the early days of computer CD-ROM drives, aside from SCSI interfaces, there were a number of proprietary interfaces developed by individual manufacturers. This was exemplified by PC sound cards ...
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