Saving the screen on a Spectrum will typically get part of it obscured with the message “Start tape, then press any key.”: Screen with annoying tape prompt How might one save the screen image from Sinclair BASIC without it being corrupted in this way?


One simple answer is to copy the screen to a buffer elsewhere in memory and save it from there.

10 CLEAR 58455
... generate the screen image here ...
900 FOR n=0 TO 6911
910 POKE 58456+n, PEEK (16384+n)
920 NEXT n
930 SAVE "image" CODE 58456,6912

It's also possible to disable the prompt immediately before the SAVE, by changing the input / output functions for the "K" device:

900 POKE 23734,111: REM suppress prompt
910 POKE 23736,20: REM don't wait for keypress
920 SAVE "image" SCREEN$
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    Yup, the (slow) BASIC loop works, as also found in an old Sinclair User Helpline. Couldn't get the prompt suppression to work, though maybe I made a typo.
    – scruss
    Aug 10 '16 at 21:21

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