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Questions tagged [oric]

Computers manufactured by Tangerine Computer Systems, namely Oric-1, Atmos, Stratos, Telestrat. This tag is suitable for Bulgarian Pravetz 8D (an Atmos clone).

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3 votes
1 answer

How do the resistors chosen for the DAC match the RF modulator requirement in Oric-1?

In the datasheet of the RF modulator UM1233 used in Oric-1 we can find the following typical waveform at the input: I tried to analyse the following Oric-1 circuit applied  to this modulator: To get ...
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5 votes
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Oric-1 has a digital PAL encoder. Was there any other options for SECAM?

Although simple, the PAL encoder in Oric-1 was fully digital. In fact, a 8.8672375 MHz oscillator (which is 2 times the color carrier frequency in PAL = 2 × 4.43361875 MHz ) along with R,G,B and the ...
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14 votes
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Did the Oric-1 improve on the Spectrum's keyboard?

So I've been whiling away some of a quiet Saturday night reading up on an early eighties computer called the Oric-1, which seems to be a curious little machine that has been largely unsung; moderately ...
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