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Questions tagged [electronics]

Electrical-engineering aspects of retrocomputing: circuit design, hardware interfaces, electronic signalling.

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12 votes
2 answers

Do IDE data lines need pull-up resistors?

This is somewhat of a long story but I think it's needed for background. I'll try to keep it short. I obtained a number of these 44 pin SSD modules. They are not 2.5" format, but have the same ...
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2 answers

What is the Commodore 64C "France version" and why does it need a beefy resistor?

While perusing the schematics for the Commodore 64C (titled COMMODORE-64 B/NE) I came across a suspicious section of the power supply: The unregulated "9V" is connected to the completely ...
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1 answer

Z80, do I need a resistor for pins to Vcc?

Building a Z80 computer after completing one with 65C02. Z80 on my project needs some pins to be tied high (INT, NMI, WAIT, BUSRQ), these are the ones that I don't need for the time being. There are ...
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3 answers

Did any Apple II games use a "timing resistor"?

A science-lab program for the Apple II (I forget the name) had a board that plugged into the joystick port and included a "timing resistor". While I don't know what the program actually did with the ...
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