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For questions about the Logo programming language and its retro implementations.

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Programming languages that used degrees in trig functions?

Most programming languages that feature mathematical functions expect the arguments to be in radians. For example, sin(1) would typically return 0.841471, equivalent to sin 57.295°. But a couple of ...
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Source code for Logo in z80

I look for a source code for Logo written in z80 (the complete language, not only the turtle part). I found the dissasembly of Terrapin Logo for Apple 2e but it is 6502. Ideally, it would fit in 16K. ...
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Why did 8-bit computers choose BASIC dialects as "de facto" command-line interface, instead of contemporary Shell/Lisp dialects?

While all three clans of languages predated 8-bit computers, they shares features like 1) imperative programming, 2) English-alike keywords, 3) Prompt-Command-Parameters pattern interface. Why was ...
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Why was Logo created?

The Logo programming language was created by researchers at MIT's AI Lab. Its post-1980s use has been predominately in the educational field, but is this what the language was originally designed for? ...
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What are the screen editor commands for MIT LOGO for the Apple II?

I'm playing with MIT LOGO for the Apple II (1981). When I type TO GREET :NAME and hit ENTER it drops me into the "MIT LOGO screen editor." What are the commands I can use here to edit, save, etc.?
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What was the earliest microcomputer Logo language implementation?

Wikipedia has a long list of Logo implementations, but I'd like to know what the earliest implementation is on a microcomputer, or, more likely, what are the earliest ones if there isn't one with ...
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