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JackSprat was a tool produced by a company called Brayder, used to remove portions of the original ROM images. It used to produce a ROM backup along with a PRC which could be used to restore it; you can still find the original manual on the Internet Archive's copy of Brayder's technical support page. Without that ROM backup and the associated restore PRC, ...


The problem is the HTTPS today. There is a huge push to migrate off of HTTP and on to HTTPS. But older machines simply can't do the necessary encryption in time. But much of this can be mitigate off-device by routing through a proxy that takes HTTP traffic on one side (device side), and talks HTTPS out the other (internet side). It's not drag and drop, but ...


For web pages, you can use the Web rendereing proxy, displaying modern web pages inside a GIF and imagemap. It works well, though Google Captcha often thinks (rightfully) that it is not a human controlling the web browser and won't let you through. For pretty much anything else, you can try to locate a VNC client for your platform, There are clients even for ...


iFixit has a (user-contributed) guide on this subject. The Zire battery appears to be a standard 3.7volt 600mAh Lithium-Ion unit, probably originating from cell phones. Amazon shows several non-OEM replacements available.

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